Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Secured Funds Bank available to public? 
Secured Funds Bank is open for public who are 18 and fulfill the legal age to take part in our program.

2. How Does Secured Funds Bank make profit ? 
Secured Funds Bank is a financial institution with a long history. Like other banks with traditional principles our company aims to extract maximum from the opportunities we have while operating assets of our customers.

The foundation of Secured Funds Bank consists in the aspect that now has become our distinctive feature. It is cross-insurance mechanism that enables all our clients to have protected their funds even if the world falls apart.

3. What are the risks of loss of funds for investors? 
Secured Funds Bank is a platform which is risk-free. However, to avoid unforeseen loss, the company continuously fills in its contingency fund. In the case of force majeure situations, Secured Funds Bank investors can expect to receive money back except the profits they received earlier.

4. How can I start investing with secured Funds Bank? 
In order to begin, you should register on our website by filling the registration form. Just click on "Register". After that, you can start investing with us. Please make sure that you must have an e-currency account and must be of legal age of at least 18 years old.

5. I am having trouble during registering, what should I do? 
Please check the information you have entered. You may contact our support team at admin@secured-funds.com if you need our assistance. We will be glad to help you.

6. I wish to invest with Secured Funds Bank but I don't have any Perfect money account. What should I do ? 
You can open a free Perfect Money account.

7. Can I have more than one account at Secured Funds Bank ? 
No, each member can have only one account in Bet And Gain LTD. Any attempt of fraud will result in permanent blocking of the account & the funds deposited in the account will be frozen.

8. How to make changes in payment data? 
Please contact us at admin@secured-funds.com .com and we will update your account within 24 hours or contact live chat support.

9. What should I do if I forget account password ? 
Click on forgot password link, enter your username or e-mail and follow instruction. You'll receive your account reset information by email.

10. How long will it take to add deposit amount into my account? 

11. Can I make multiple deposits? 
Yes you can make multiple deposits at any given time. There is no limit to the amount and the number of transactions you make within our program.

12. How can I withdraw funds? 
To withdraw your funds, please login to your Bet And Gain LTD account and go to the withdrawal section of your personal account and request a withdrawal.

13. How long does it take for a withdrawal request to get processed? 
Withdrawals are processed manually up to 24 hours.

14. Is withdrawal of funds available all week? 
Yes withdrawal of funds is available 7 days a week.

15. Do you have a referral program in Secured Funds Bank? 
Yes, we have a referral program in Bet And Gain LTD.

16. What are the referral commissions in Secured Funds Bank? 
For direct referrals you will get 0.5% interest on the amount deposited by the referral.

18. Do I need to have active investment in order to participate in Secured Funds Bank‘s referral program ? 
You do not need to have an active investment in order to participate in the referral program. Anyone registered our site can start benefiting immediately from participating in our referral program by referring others. Referral commissions are paid to referring party when referred party makes an investment deposit.

19. How do I know that someone has become my referral? 
You will receive email notification. You can check number of your referrals & your referral earnings on the 'Referral' section of your account.

20. What is the minimum withdraw?